11-13 Сентября
5-Й юбилейный конгресс фасадного рынка

3rd Facade Congress Facades of Russia+ 2016


Facade Congress Facades of Russia+ 2016 is held for the third time in the centre of Moscow, in the congress centre of a 5-star hotel GoldenRingHotel (opposite the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation). It is the only congress in Russia which gathers facade market experts from various sectors of facade market and different regions of Russia.



This year the congress will last 3 days, and about 50(!) Russian and European facade market experts will give a speech.
Each day of the congress is dedicated to one of the industry sectors. The first day is going to cover facade market in general and glass facade market, the second day will be devoted to mounted ventilated facades and the third – to WDVS market.

Among participants of the congress are such companies as: SAINT GOBAIN, Kingspan Insulation, 3A Composites GmbH, ROCKWOOL, KNAUF, HUECK, SCHUECO, HENKEL Bautechnik, Pilkington, Guardian, Quick Mix, HILTI, D+H, MUREXIN, Josef Gartner ets.


Only at Facades of Russia+ you can get insider information on the development of facade market on the inside and also communicate with numerous experts, colleagues and competitors in comfortable atmosphere.


Each day of the congress will touch upon issues of the development of facade market on the whole. This year one of the principal topics of the congress is going to be discussion with of facade construction with developers.


You can buy a ticket for 1, 2 or all 3 days of the forum. You get the lowest price if you take part in all 3 days of the congress – starting from 6600 rubles (about $100) per day. The cost includes: participation in the congress as a visitor in the specified days, daily lunch in a 5-star restaurant, 2 coffee breaks each day, participant package. The full cost of visiting all 3 days as a visitor is from 20 000 to 26 000 rubles, depending on when you pay.

The cost of 20-minute speech is 19 000 rubles (no obvious advertisement in the report).

In the picture: speech by Alexander Tomandl, speaker from HILTI company (Liechtenstein). A representative of HILTI in Russia acts as an interpreter.


You can book a place for a floor RollUp banner with a small table (29 000 rubles) or distribute hand-outs at the congress (20 000 rubles).

You can have a look at the photos from the previous congress here.

If you want to participate in Facades of Russia+ 2016, please, contact the Organizing Committee via e-mail: info@odfevents.ru


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